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I have wide experience teaching a range of abilities in year groups 7 to 12. As well as GCSE Mathematics I also teach GCSE Statistics and Mathematical Studies at Level 3, (which is equivalent to an AS qualification). I am also an AQA GCSE Mathematics Examiner which provides a valuable insight into the types of questions students might face, and in particular the range of misconceptions that students may adopt without effective teaching.

Alison Rose Maths Tutor

I am a mum of three and have been teaching Mathematics in a variety of local schools for 13 years. Over this time have really enjoyed working with young people and helping them to realise their potential. The rewards for me are in seeing how delighted a student is when they have overcome their difficulties and built their confidence to achieve their highest aspirations in maths. After a lesson observation, a previous Headteacher told me that my strengths lie in the positive relationships that I develop with my students.



The focus of my teaching has always been to develop mathematical reasoning and understanding, rather than teaching “rules” for answering certain types of question. This has set students in good stead for the new style GCSE as this requires students to apply their understanding to more diverse and challenging problems. I like to use a variety of teaching strategies to engage students and to cater for different styles of learning. In recent years I have taken a keen interest in developing “Mastery” in mathematics, for year 7 students upwards. I have also been a lead teacher in other initiatives including a nationwide programme that helps students to develop proportional and algebraic reasoning as these are often areas where students struggle. 



My schemes of work are designed to help students to build their knowledge on solid foundations, allowing time to fill “gaps” in prior knowledge and work on a trajectory to achieve or exceed each individuals’ target grades. These will be provided when a student begins working with me, and will be adjusted as we go along according to the progress made. I plan my lessons for each student weekly so that they can be tailored to exactly how each student is working. I am however flexible; if a student comes to their lesson needing help with work they or doing at school then we work on that first. Equally, when a student finds out they have a test I will plan revision lessons according to a revision list provided. For students taking external exams, a larger proportion of lesson time is spent answering exam style questions in each topic. Homework is given each lesson to provide both formative and summative assessment as we

go along. 

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